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Myrtle Beach Bike Week® A few years ago we added several groups to our Facebook Page for the Businesses and the Public to post in.    Some of the Groups we are going to eliminate after the spring rally because they are not being used.   The Bands Group will be gone It seems Bands dont want to promote themselves For Free so.   The Groups are listed below that we have added for people to find info from the businesses easier.   It is FREE to join and post.     Sonny . Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC

Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Bands —  Gone After Spring Rally  2022This Group Page is for Bands to post they are Playing at either the Spring or Fall Rally and advertise your Band playing the Rallys.  Bands Playing must post the locationor locations that you are playing, the time you are playing, info about your band and how to contact your band.   Only the Ban Representative can post a band on this page or the business the band is playing at can post them.  The public is welcome to join the band page. *** NO negative comments or BS is allowed. Bands if you have any questions email mbbwinfo@gmail.com.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Vendors & Businesses – We Welcome ALL Vendors & Businesses supporting or attending the MBBW Spring & Fall Rallys to post your business your vending products and vending location on this page. Advertising is FREE your business just needs to join and post your products. NO POSTING of counterfeit – illegal items or negative comments will be allowed. They will be removed. This page is for Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Only unless post approved by Sonny. You must answer the questions to be approved. Photos of your business and products are limited to 10 TEN or Less. / Sonny.    If you have any questions email mbbwinfo@gmail.com.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Lodging — This page is set up for people and business to post about Lodging on the Grand Strand of SC.   Everyone and Lodging Business are welcome to join and post info on lodging for the Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Spring and Fall Rallys and no other events. Everyone and Lodging locations has to join this group and answer the questions before being approved.  Offensive post and false posting will be removed and so will you.   Post NOT Associated with Myrtle Beach Bike Week®. Will be Removed. This is dedicated to Myrtle Beach Bike Week®. Sonny   If you have any questions email mbbwinfo@gmail.com.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Marketplace   We get several requests throughout the year from people wanting to sale personal items on our regular group page. We set up the Marketplace Group on Myrtle Beach Bike Week so you now have a place to post your personal items for sale.   You must include your contact info so people can contact you about your item you are wanting to sale.  We have three (3) questions you must answer and be approved to join the group.  No Illegal or Counterfeit items allowed to be posted for sale in this group.  No Businesses allowed to post unless approved you admin. Myrtle Beach Bike Week® is Not responsible for any item offered for sale on this page,     If you have any questions email mbbwinfo@gmail.com.