Myrtle Beach Bike Week® & The Ride East Coast

2013 Bike Week Speedway Photos

The Myrtle Beach Bike Week® Spring Rally was a very – very good event.   Motorcycle Enthusiasts came to the beach for the 73rd annual rally on the Grand Strand.    The weather was perfect this year.

All the rides we offered this May ended at the Myrtle Beach Speedway, taking five (5) laps on the racetrack.   Everyone had a great time riding on the speedway.   Below we have pictures of the bikes on the track and just like in Nascar everyone is spread out behind the Pace Car.   We want to thank everyone who participated in our rides and all who joined us at the speedway.

We hope to see everyone back when we do this again in 2014.

Tuesday Photos  —  click on the photos to enlarge the picture.

 speedway bikes 2013 copy  mbs-t4  mbs-t7
 mbs-t6  mbs-t5  mbs-t8
 mbs-t2  mbs-t1  mbs-t10
 mbs-t11  mbs-t12  mbs-t13
 mbs-t16  mbs-t15  mbs-t17
 mbs-t14  mbs-t18


Wednesdays Photos  —  click on the photos to enlarge the picture.

HPIM3363 HPIM3362 HPIM3360
HPIM3359 HPIM3356 HPIM3354
HPIM3352 HPIM3348 HPIM3346
HPIM3342 HPIM3338 HPIM3336
HPIM3335 HPIM3334 HPIM3333
HPIM3331 HPIM3329 HPIM3325
HPIM3324 HPIM3364

Thursdays Photos 
—  A threat of rain on Thursday

HPIM3366 HPIM3367 HPIM3365
HPIM3368 HPIM3370 HPIM3373
HPIM3374 HPIM3378 HPIM3379
HPIM3382 HPIM3384 HPIM3386
HPIM3387 HPIM3389 HPIM3390


Fridays Photos  —  Click on picture to enlarge

HPIM3391 HPIM3395 HPIM3397
HPIM3398 HPIM3401 HPIM3403
HPIM3404 HPIM3405 HPIM3413
HPIM3416 HPIM3423 HPIM3420
HPIM3426 HPIM3431 HPIM3433
HPIM3427 HPIM3430 HPIM3440
HPIM3429 HPIM3436